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On this page you'll get some information about our english spoken socialising trainings. If you are interested in specialized inhouse socialising-trainings, workshops or individual coaching do not hesitate to contact us. Together we will find the right solution for your needs.

Your financial investment? The price for edulab inhouse-trainings are depending on the level, number of Partipicants and degree of individualisation you are searching for. The price per day are beginning at 590 EUR + vat. Prices for high end training solutions are starting at 990 EUR by day + vat.
All edulab trainers are experts in what they do and teach. They will give you also useful ideas for your business and their help will not end with the training. At the end of the training you will get the edulab certificate.


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Socialising in english

International business works better when relationships are supported and maintained by socialising, that much is obvious. And still, some Germans feel uneasy about „small talk“ and inviting their customers out. Although they welcome the experience of being entertained in the UK or the USA, they seem unable to do the same in their home country.
How do you explain a German menu in English and how can you politely invite, accept or turn down an invitation? Are there different habits in the UK, for instance? Learn more about do’s and don’ts off business hours and the language that works best in these situations.

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You might just ask for further information or an socialising in english seminar.

Per day beginning at 790 € + Vat.=940,10 €
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Socialising in Englisch

Internationale Geschäfte laufen besser, wenn die Beziehung stimmt und gepflegt wird. In UK ist „entertaining the customer“ nach der Arbeit selbstverständlich, in Deutschland geht man mittags mal miteinander in die Kantine... Erfahren Sie, wie small talk funktioniert, wie Sie eine deutsche Speisekarte erklären oder Ihre englischsprachigen Kunden ins Theater einladen. Erfahren Sie mehr über do’s und don’ts im Umgang mit englischen oder amerikanischen Kunden.

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Sie erhalten gerne das aiusführliche Infoblatt zum Seminar: Telefontraining - in englisch telefonieren..

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Je Tag ab 790 € + MwSt.=940,10 €
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SOCIALISING TRAINING in englisch inhouse oder in Augsburg, Dresden, Frankfurt, Hamburg, Karlsruhe, Köln, München, Nürnberg, Stuttgart

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